Fields of Design and Engineering

Civil Engineering and Construction, Steel Structures

Bridges, Submerged Tunnels

Port Facilities

Waste Disposal Plants

Structural Calculation of Architecture


Submerged Tunnel, Floating Movable Bridge, Structure Design of Shiploader, Structure Design of Container Crane, Design and Manufacturing of Boarding Bridge, etc.

Plants, Ships, Offshore Structures, Environment and Energy Systems

Energy Plants, Industrial Plants

Ships and Offshore Structures

Design of system, piping, machinery, electric, etc. relating the above fields



Intake Cooling Sytem for Gas Turbine, Gas Engines Cogeneration Plants, Mobile Offshore Drilling Rigs, Catamaran Type High Speed Passnger Vessels, Buoys, Self-elevating Working Platform, etc.

Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery

Factory Automation Systems

Amusement Facilities



Pneumatic Capsule Transfer and Handling System, Pneumatic Vertical Capsule Transfer System, Wind Turbine Monument, etc.


Structural Analysis on Steel Structure, Machinery, Atomic Equipment

Analysis on Earthquake Resistance, Collision, Heat Conduction, etc.

Stability, Motion and Mooring Analysis of Ships and Floating Structures.


Design of Movable Roof, Strength Study of Water Gates, Earthquake Resistance Study for Arch Type Bridge, Earthquake Resistance Study for The Roof of Petroleum Storage Tanks, etc.

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