Field of Business

Feasibility Study, Front End Engineering and Design

The effectiveness and feasibility are evaluated based on the results of investigation to derive the most suitable system.

KDC has a lot of experiences in the field of utilizing energy sources effectively.

Also, KDC has been offering various proposals on amusement facilities, work vessels, offshore structures, etc.

Investigation and Evaluation

For offshore structures and infrastructure such as roads and bridges, investigations are carried out to evaluate durability, safety and earthquake-resistant.

It is a unique KDC's activity to produce drawings of existing objects such as Japanese traditional vessels base on the data measured by a laser instruments.

Basic and Detail Design, Development

KDC manages not only civil and construction, machinery, plants, ships and offshore structures but also precision instruments and large scale mechanical facilities.

KDC has attended projects for research and development by universities and laboratories.


Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on structure / heat conduction / earthquake-resistant / collision analysis are the field where KDC has enjoyed established reputation.

In addition, KDC is familiar with stability / motion / mooring analysis of ships and offshore structures.

Analysis business of KDC covers not only calculation but also proposal of more effective design or analysis method, if required.


KDC has experiences to get order to manufacture industrial machinery, amusement facilities, vehicles, factory automation systems, small size offshore structures, when outside suppliers produce them based on the design by KDC.

Dispatch Engineers

In addition to engineering and design, to dispatch experienced engineers to customer's company is also one of KDC's business.

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